OYA 2021–2022

19 November — Why don’t we have more faith?

How do we get from knowing that the Gospel is true to feeling it? How do we let the saving victory of Christ over sin and death change our lives? These are the questions we’re thinking about this month as we really get to grips with the adventure of prayer.

3 December — Staying healthy — what do we need God for?

Sometimes the Christian faith gets reduced to a code for living a moral life. But Christ tells us that he came so that we may have life, and have it to the full. We’ll be thinking about how God saves us from far more than just sin, and how Christ helps us to live a life that is truly happy.

21 January — How do I hear the voice of God?

Sometimes we think it would all be easier if God just spoke to us directly and told us everything we need to know. God is trying to communicate with us at all times, even if we’re not really listening. So how can we get better and listening, and what does God have to say to us? That’s what we’re discussing in this month’s OYA.

18 February — Should we be afraid of evil?

We know that the Christian life involves fighting some evil forces, like sin and temptation. But some of those forces are supernatural. Should we be scared of them? Are demons something for Christians to worry about or not, and what can we do to keep ourselves safe?

4 March — What does it mean to be good?

Every Christian is called to a life of virtue, but understanding what the virtues are and how we acquire them can be tricky. In this meeting we will be discussing just what it means to live the virtuous life and how only striving to do this will make our lives truly happy ones!

29 April — Come and see heaven on earth

Everyone knows that the thing Catholics do is go to Mass. But why? Why is the Mass the centre of the Church’s life? Whether it’s celebrated in a beautiful cathedral or the humblest chapel, the Mass brings us closer to heaven, even while we’re here on earth. Come along to find out more.

20 May — Can anything in this world lead us to God?

In the beginning, God saw all that he had made — and indeed it was very good. The created world is one of God’s many gifts to us, and it is filled with markers that point us back towards our Creator. Come and explore how the things of this world can help us raise our souls to God.

17 June — ‘Christ has no body now on earth but yours’

The work that Jesus began in the Gospels carries on today, and it’s our job to do it. But can we? Are we really able to carry on that work? Christ has set us a challenge — find out how to live up to it, and see some of the miracles we work ourselves on the way.