Saturday 1 May 2021

New Director of Music

The Fathers of the Oratory are pleased to announce the appointment of our new Director of Music, Rory Moules. Rory has been immersed in the world of Catholic music from a young age, moving to Oxford in 2014 as organ scholar of Keble College under Matthew Martin. While completing further studies at Oxford, Rory has held the posts of Organ Scholar of The Queen’s College, Director of Music at Corpus Christi, and, most recently, Associate Organist at Magdalen College and Assistant Organist here at the Oratory since 2019. Rory has served as acting Director of Music for the last year while a selection and recruitment process (repeatedly delayed by the pandemic) could be completed. Rory’s work with the Oratory choir speaks for itself. Hundreds of worshippers in church and online from around the world were treated to some of the best liturgical music in the country over the course of Holy Week earlier this year. Music is such an important part of the life of the Church, and of the Oratory in particular, and we are grateful for Rory’s achievements in keeping the sacred liturgical action on the sanctuary fittingly accompanied throughout the last months in spite of all the safety restrictions in place. With this appointment comes also a renewed commitment to invest in the future of Catholic music, following the principle that only our best is good enough for God.

Rory says: ‘Having the opportunity to contribute to music at the Oratory over the past year has been fantastic. Holy Week this year has been a particular highlight. It is a complete joy to work with such talented, committed and friendly musicians. The Oratorian musical repertoire has fascinated me both as a performer and academic for many years. It is a privilege to perform these great works of sacred music for a congregation that appreciates their beauty. I am very aware of the enormous responsibility involved in directing music here, which contributes so much to the sacred liturgy, especially being the youngest person to take on the role so far. But I am looking forward to building on the work of my predecessors over the coming years, and continuing to develop the reputation of the Oxford Oratory for musical excellence.’