Saturday 1 August 2020

Changes to Mass and streaming schedule

Over the last month, it has been great to see people returning to Mass, and with it, the number of viewers on our live stream dropping. We will keep live streaming, but we will be cutting down which Masses we stream. From now on, we will stream all Masses on a Sunday morning, the 6pm Mass Monday–Friday, and the 10am Mass on Saturday.

Vespers will not be sung during August, except for the feast of the Assumption. Vespers will return in September, and will continue to be streamed. Benediction is still currently suspended, but has not been abolished! Friday Holy Hour and Sunday Benediction will be back as soon as it is practically possible.

Our daily EF Mass was very popular on the live stream during lockdown and we were able to keep it going for the month of July. We now have to return to our normal Mass schedule, but will look for ways of providing access to Mass in both forms in the future.