Saturday 13 June 2020

Church opening for private prayer

The church is finally re-opening! We have to say a big thank you to all the volunteers who have made it possible: those who helped to clean on Saturday morning, all those who have volunteered to serve as stewards while the church is open and those who are coming along each night to carry out the necessary cleaning.

We are only opening for three hours in the afternoon to begin with. This is to ensure that we can follow all the requirements about social distancing and cleaning. Also, so that there is a smaller area to keep clean, we will be opening half the church at the start. All of these restrictions are only temporary. Of course, there are all the requirements we expected about social distancing and hygiene in church. Here is the full notice:

From Monday 15 June, our church will be open each day from 2pm to 5pm for private prayer. We are still waiting for the government to allow public Mass and other gatherings to resume. The opening of churches for private prayer has been allowed on condition that we observe the following national requirements:

Regrettably there can be no communal or group prayers in the church at the moment and we are not yet allowed to hear confessions. Volunteers are on hand to provide assistance if needed.

If you are displaying any cold or flu symptoms, please do not enter the church building. We would also advise those most vulnerable to refrain from visiting the church.

There are no toilet facilities available at the moment.