Sunday 26 August 2018

Young Oratory Summer Programme Photos

Last week, we ran our first ever Young Oratory Summer Programme. Over three days, we looked at what makes music, art and architecture sacred. Each day we had time for reading, discussion and prayer. There was a daily sung Mass, with the proper antiphons for each feast sung to Gregorian Chant learnt by the young people on the first day. On day two, we focused on sacred art, which included looking at works in the Ashmolean Museum, and painting our own icons. Our third day, on sacred architecture, included visits to the chapel in Campion Hall and Blackfriars Church, as well as exploring some of the details of our own church.

We plan to run another Summer Programme next year for a full week. In the meantime, weekly Young Oratory meetings begin again on Tuesday 11 September from 5pm.

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