Tuesday 12 June 2018

Flower-arranging Workshop

We could have filled the available spaces on the flower arranging workshop twice over. For those who did manage to get a place, the day began with a fortifying cup of coffee and a biscuit before everyone settled down to what turned out to be a remarkably professional presentation from two of our parishioners, Anna Jones and Freddie Quartley. However random flower arranging may appear to the uninitiated, in fact a great deal of planning is needed. First, suitable flowers have to be identifiedIMG_20180609_124902:

Then the shape of the display has to be planned :


Slowly, carefully, and piece by piece, the foliage is put in place. Not a bloom goes anywhere near the arrangement until the greenery is good enough to form a display all on its own:




Everyone then has a try at wiring the stems of some of the blooms :

IMG_20180609_133428 (2)

before the flowers themselves begin to be placed, until eventually the display is completed:

IMG_20180609_142648 (2)

IMG_20180609_141409 (2)

Et voila! Four outstanding displays, two for the main sanctuary and two for St Philip’s chapel:

IMG_20180609_160523 (2)

A huge thank-you to Anna and Freddie for all their hard work, and well done to everyone for producing beautiful arrangements!