Tuesday 1 May 2018

Mary's prayers shall win our country back to Thee

The people of Oxford were able to join in the Rosary on the Coast on Sunday - in the heart of our island, while others formed a great chain of prayer around the shores of the British Isles.


His Grace the Archbishop led the Rosary, followed by the Litany of Loreto and a Litany of English and Welsh saints.


Many people asked afterwards for a copy of the second litany. Here it is, courtesy of the Rosary on the Coast website: rosary on the coast litany

It is striking to realize just how many intercessors in heaven our country has.



We finished with a rousing rendition of 'Faith of our Fathers':IMG_4493

Heartier people than ourselves braved the elements by the seaside. Fr Dominic, the Oratorians-in-formation in Bournemouth, and the parishioners of the Sacred Heart were by Bournemouth pier. Fr Richard took a group of parishioners from St Wilfrid's, York to Scarborough where they gave a great witness of prayer along the shore:



May all these prayers bear fruit in the transformation of our nation and the winning of souls to Christ and His Church.