Wednesday 22 March 2017

“Little Acts of Love”

Yesterday's talk by Magnus Macfarlane-Barrow, the founder and Chief Executive of Mary's Meals was deeply inspiring.

He told the story of how he began this movement of thousands of people, each performing “little acts of love”, all because of one boy in Malawi, Edward, who when asked about his ambitions for life said, “I would like to have enough food to eat and I would like to be able to go to school one day.”


Magnus described the simplicity of the vision of Mary's Meals, that every child in the world should be able to have enough to eat each day and to receive an education.

Today, Mary's Meals feeds 1.2 million children in their place of education every day - but there are sixty million children who do not attend school because of hunger. It takes Mary's Meals just £13.90 to feed a child in school for one year.


Mary's Meals is our Lent Project this year, and there will be a second collection on Sunday 2nd April. If you want to find out more or to get involved, visit the website:


At the end of his talk, Magnus asked us to pray for the work of Mary's Meals, and in particular to ask Our Lady's intercession, since it is in her name that this work of feeding the hungry is undertaken.

The children at St Aloysius' School also had a presentation about Mary's Meals yesterday afternoon and were enthusiastic about taking part in the backpack project, to send to children receiving Mary's Meals the basic learning materials they need. See:

Our children watched this beautiful film about the journey of one backpack from Scotland to Malawi: