Tuesday 14 June 2016

Long to rain over us...

IMG_1178 (800x562)

The traditional British weather moved some of our "Street Party" for The Queen's birthday indoors, but did not dampen our spirits as we enjoyed our cakes, which were brought in great abundance:

IMG_1202 (800x657)

IMG_1195 (800x623)

IMG_1193 (800x639)

IMG_1184 (800x520)

IMG_1182 (800x532)

The bell-ringers from St Giles' gave a short concert of handbells:

IMG_1197 (800x468)

There was a puppet show for children:


There was also face-painting for children…and others:


And some of the time, it didn't even rain:

IMG_1177 (800x520)