Friday 16 January 2015

Scouts d'Europe

Fr Lawrence Lew OP is currently working to establish Scoutisme (French-style Catholic Scouting) in the UK through the Scouts d’Europe movement. The International Union of European Guides and Scouts — European Scouting Federation, to give them their official name, is the only international Scouting Movement recognised by the Holy See as an international association of the faithful of Pontifical Right. Its aims and history and structure can be seen on the Vatican website or the Movement’s own website.


We are currently looking for parents and families in Oxford who may be interested in supporting the formation of a Troop or Company in Oxford, together with St Gregory's Parish and Blackfriars. Fr Lawrence will give a brief presentation on Saturday 31st January at 4:15pm. Come along if you might like to get involved, or if you want to find out more.

Fr Lawrence writes:

I believe that the establishment of Catholic scouting in Britain could be a great boon to the Church and can answer a need for our children and teenagers that they be engaged in the Faith and can be formed in virtue.

Anyone who has been on the Chartres Pilgrimage during Pentecost would know of the Scouts of Europe and seen what they’re capable of. Having had a chance to meet the lay leadership of the international Movement this past summer, I was very impressed by their grasp of the Catholic vision of the human person, of how they worked with children and led them in Faith, and a strong Eucharistic and Marian devotion. The individual scouts I have met are also deeply impressive as Catholic young men who are keen to serve the common good, and love the wonder of God’s creation.

As a Lay organization, the leaders of the Movement will have to be parents and families, but the Scouts d’Europe works very closely with the Church and every troop needs a priest to help them and guide them.

This video gives one an idea of what a Scout of Europe Camp is like.