Monday 23 June 2014

Corpus Christi 2014

It was a beautiful, sunny day for the fifteenth annual North Oxford Deanery Corpus Christi Procession.

Many people contributed to making the procession a great success. The marshals were briefed about keeping us safe:
IMG_6041 (1024x683)
As was the congregation:
IMG_6043 (1024x870)

IMG_6047 (1024x691)

The Dean, Fr John Hancock, carried the Blessed Sacrament from the Oratory to Blackfriars:

IMG_6050 (1024x683)IMG_6052 (1024x683)IMG_6055 (1024x836)IMG_6060 (1024x726)IMG_6061 (1024x683)IMG_6091 (1024x683)

The children who had made their First Holy Communion this weekend scattered rose petals before the Blessed Sacrament:

IMG_6070 (1024x730)
IMG_6117 (1024x797)
IMG_6177 (1024x628)IMG_6171 (1024x732)

We alternated between saying the Rosary and singing Eucharistic hymns, accompanied by the Witney Town Band:

IMG_6138 (1024x772)IMG_6082 (1024x683)IMG_6111 (1024x667)

The canopy over the monstrance was carried by the Conventual Franciscan Friars:

IMG_6068 (1024x781)IMG_6127 (1024x723)IMG_6196 (1024x683)

At Blackfriars the Dominican friars sang the Lauda Sion and Fr Robert Ombres, O.P. preached a fine sermon:

IMG_6092 (1024x757)IMG_6105 (1024x686)IMG_6102 (787x1024)

Fr Ombres then carried Our Lord along the Cornmarket and down St Michael's Street:

IMG_6114 (1024x825)

IMG_6179 (1024x683)IMG_6169 (1024x683)IMG_6163 (1024x752)IMG_6159 (1024x683)IMG_6145 (1024x734)

Fr Dushan Croos, S.J., Chaplain to the University of Oxford, then carried the Blessed Sacrament to the Chaplaincy:

IMG_6186 (1024x917)

IMG_6208 (1024x683)IMG_6206 (1024x757)IMG_6205 (720x1024)IMG_6200 (1024x595)

At the Old Palace, the Dean gave Benediction, before the singing of the Salve Regina and Faith of our Fathers:

IMG_6239 (1024x678)IMG_6233 (654x1024)IMG_6230 (1024x683)IMG_6222 (1024x683)IMG_6220 (1024x683)IMG_6218 (1024x827)
IMG_6246 (1024x783)

We then concluded with some very welcome refreshment!

IMG_6248 (1024x1012)