Friday 20 September 2013

Over-60s stranded in Walsingham

Fr Richard took some of our Wednesday Morning Group to Houghton Hall yesterday to visit the exhibition of paintings formerly owned by Sir Robert Walpole and later sold to Catherine the Great. They have been in the Hermitage in St Petersburg ever since, but have returned for the first time in over 230 years for a special exhibition, curated by one of our former parishioners, Dr Thierry Morel.

After visiting Houghton Hall, the group went on to Walsingham and were able to pray in the Slipper Chapel before visiting the village. Here, unfortunately, the minibus acquired a puncture, and help was hard to find in North Norfolk. Eventually Anglia Rescue came to our aid, but in the meantime our parishioners were stranded. Their desperate fate can be seen in the poignant photograph below: