Tuesday 1 June 2010

Dedicated Gifts

How your donation will help our Campaign

£1.5 million or 5 gifts of £300,000 will fund the Newman Chapel and Baptistery

£260,000 will fund the restoration of the High Altar & Blessed Sacrament throne

£250,000 will build the cloister


£75,000 will pay for a room in the new accommodation building

£60,000 will fund the new parish kitchen

£60,000 for the new bar and store

£60,000 will build the new parish office

£40,000 will restore the area at the back of our Church

£20,000 will restore the Sacred Heart Chapel

£20,000 will redecorate St Philip's Chapel

£16,000 will decorate the organ loft

£15,000 will decorate one bay of the nave

£10,000 will redecorate the gallery above St Thérèse

£10,000 will light the facade of our Church

£5,000 will light the chapels and side aisles

£3,000 to decorate the bay by the sacristy (Our Lady of Lourdes)

£3,000 to light the organ loft

£1,000 to provide 5 feet of shelving in the archives & Library

£750 to sponsor one of 92 squares of the nave ceiling

£750 to sponsor one of 52 statues on the sanctuary

£350 to sponsor one of 20 carved heads above the sanctuary

Ask one of the Fathers if you would like to sponsor a particular area of the work