Sunday 4 March 2012

Lent Scripture Meditations

On the Wednesdays of Lent we have a series of meditations on the theme of Faith (the Year of Faith is due to begin in October), using Chapter 11 of Hebrews as a base: that takes us back to many of the great Old Testament heroes of Faith. Looking for the spiritual meaning of the text, we see how each of them tells us something about Christ, and something about ourselves. The four weeks will look at (1) Abel, Enoch and Noah, (2) Abraham and the Patriarchs, (3) Moses and the arrival in the Promised Land, (4) the Judges and Kings who ruled that land. The fifth Wednesday will be a “Musical Oratory” to draw the themes together. It is intended that from this series will emerge a regular Scripture Study Group, as we did in the autumn, meeting to ponder the spiritual meaning of the Bible together.

(Picture: 12th-century carvings of Cain and Abel, and of Noah, from Nîmes Cathedral.)