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Wednesday 20 June 2018

St Aloysius' Day in his Jubilee Year

This year marks the 450th anniversary of St Aloysius's birth in 1568. The choir of Downside School this evening sang at Solemn First Vespers and Benediction in honour of our parish's patron saint.


Tomorrow (21st June) is the Solemnity of St Aloysius. There will be a sung English Mass with St Aloysius' School at 10am. Bishop William Kenney C.P. will celebrate a Pontifical High Mass at 6pm at which Fr Matthew Power. SJ. will preach.

During this Jubilee Year a plenary indulgence is available every day in our church under the usual conditions (until 9th March 2019).

Here is a letter from the General of the Society of Jesus about the Jubilee Year:

Lettera del Generale

And here is the Decree announcing the Plenary Indulgence:

Decreto Giubileo Aloisiano

Tuesday 12 June 2018

Flower-arranging Workshop

We could have filled the available spaces on the flower arranging workshop twice over. For those who did manage to get a place, the day began with a fortifying cup of coffee and a biscuit before everyone settled down to what turned out to be a remarkably professional presentation from two of our parishioners, Anna Jones and Freddie Quartley. However random flower arranging may appear to the uninitiated, in fact a great deal of planning is needed. First, suitable flowers have to be identifiedIMG_20180609_124902:

Then the shape of the display has to be planned :


Slowly, carefully, and piece by piece, the foliage is put in place. Not a bloom goes anywhere near the arrangement until the greenery is good enough to form a display all on its own:




Everyone then has a try at wiring the stems of some of the blooms :

IMG_20180609_133428 (2)

before the flowers themselves begin to be placed, until eventually the display is completed:

IMG_20180609_142648 (2)

IMG_20180609_141409 (2)

Et voila! Four outstanding displays, two for the main sanctuary and two for St Philip’s chapel:

IMG_20180609_160523 (2)

A huge thank-you to Anna and Freddie for all their hard work, and well done to everyone for producing beautiful arrangements!

Tuesday 5 June 2018

A film of the Corpus Christi Procession

Oxford Corpus Christi Procession 2018

Monday 4 June 2018

Adoremus in Aeternum

On Sunday we had a beautiful summer's day for the annual Procession of the Blessed Sacrament.

Petals are ready to scatter:

IMG_3248 (2)

The Conventual Franciscan Friars are instructed about their canopy-carrying duties:

IMG_3242 (2)

The Blessed Sacrament is exposed upon our altar:

IMG_3261 (2)

The Dean, Fr John Hancock, carries the Blessed Sacrament from our church:

IMG_3265 (2)

IMG_3268 (2)

Emerging from the Oratory courtyard:

IMG_3272 (2)

Along St Giles':

IMG_3297 (2)

IMG_3429 (3)

As the Procession enters Blackfriars, the Dominicans sing the Lauda Sion:

IMG_3301 (3)

Fr Simon Gaine, OP, Regent of Blackfriars, carries Our Lord through the Priory Church:

IMG_3319 (3)

IMG_3322 (3)

Crossing St Giles':

IMG_3328 (2)

IMG_3334 (2)

IMG_3333 (2)

The view along Magdalen Street:





IMG_3349 (3)

IMG_3341 (2)

See today before us laid

The living and life-giving Bread,

Theme for praise and joy profound:

IMG_3368 (3)

IMG_3432 (2)

St Michael's Street:

IMG_3375 (2)

New Inn Hall Street:

IMG_3386 (2)

Fr Matthew Power, SJ, Chaplain to the University, carries the Blessed Sacrament along St Ebbe's:

IMG_3393 (2)

IMG_3426 (3)

IMG_3423 (2)

IMG_3416 (2)

Brewer Street:

IMG_3427 (2)

Benediction at the University Chaplaincy:

IMG_3436 (4)

The Witney Town Band did a magnificent job in accompanying the whole procession, and Benediction at the Old Palace:

IMG_3438 (2)

Welcome refreshments, courtesy of the Chaplaincy:

IMG_3455 (2) IMG_3460 (2)


IMG_3465 (3)

Friday 1 June 2018

Corpus Christi Procession this Sunday

Corpus Christi Poster 2018