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Saturday 15 December 2018

Some pictures of this year's Rorate Mass

IMG_2869 IMG_2870 IMG_2871

Tuesday 4 December 2018

Times of Masses, Confessions and Services for Christmas 2018



Before every Mass

and on Monday 24th December from 10am-6.30pm


Saturday 15th December        

7am - Advent Rorate Mass by candlelight

Wednesday 19th December

8pm - Carol Service

Monday 24th December, CHRISTMAS EVE

6.30pm - Vigil Mass with carols

The Church reopens at 11 pm

11.15pm - Carols & Readings Midnight Mass at midnight

Tuesday 25th December, CHRISTMAS DAY

8am - Latin Mass (Extraordinary Form)

9.30am - Parish Mass, with Children’s Liturgy

11am - Solemn Mass

5.30pm - Solemn Benediction


Wednesday 26th December, ST STEPHEN’S DAY

Mass at 10am only

Sunday 30th December, FEAST OF THE HOLY FAMILY

6.30pm (Saturday 29th) - Vigil Mass

8am - Latin Mass (Extraordinary Form)

9.30am - Parish Mass

11am - Solemn Mass

6pm - Benediction (no Vespers)

6.30pm - Evening Mass

Monday 31st December, NEW YEAR’S EVE

Mass at 7.30 & 10am, 6pm

11pm - Mass & Benediction for the New Year

Tuesday 1st January, NEW YEAR’S DAY, Mary Mother of God

Mass at 10am only


6.30pm (Saturday 5th) - Vigil Mass

8am - Latin Mass (Extraordinary Form)

9.30am-Parish Mass, with Children’s Liturgy

11am - Solemn Mass

5.30pm - Solemn Vespers & Benediction

6.30pm  - Evening Mass

Saturday 12th January

3pm - Epiphany Procession & Benediction in the Crib

Thursday 29 November 2018

The Cause of Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman of the Oratory


His Grace the Archbishop has today issued the following statement:

        "At the September Ad Limina visit of the Bishops to Rome the Congregation for the Causes of Saints indicated that there had been considerable progress with Cause for Canonisation of Blessed John Henry Newman. It may help if I try to explain the process.

         I understand that the medical board responsible for assessing a second miracle has now delivered a positive assessment to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. However there are several further stages between now and a possible canonisation. I believe the Congregation for the Causes of Saints is to meet in spring 2019 (gathering together its various Cardinal, Archbishop and Bishop members from across the world) to consider the medical board’s assessment and to make its own recommendation to the Holy Father.

           In the light of the positive assessment of the second miracle attributed to Blessed John Henry Newman, the Congregation for the Causes of Saints will then decide whether or not to recommend his canonisation. There is then a further moment of discernment when Pope Francis takes the final decision and sets a date for the Canonisation ceremony.

          It is wonderful news that the process for canonisation is now moving closer towards its conclusion and I pray that we may witness the canonisation of Blessed John Henry Newman within the coming year.   This will be a cause of great joy for the Catholic Church in Birmingham and for the Birmingham Oratory, I am sure that Pope Benedict XVI, who came to our city to beatify Cardinal Newman, will be joining us as we continue to pray for Blessed John Henry’s canonisation in the near future."

+Bernard Longley

Archbishop of Birmingham

29 November 2018

Saturday 24 November 2018

Confirmations 2018


Congratulations to those young people who today were confirmed By Bishop William Kenney, CP. Here are some of them with the Bishop after Mass:



Afterwards there was a reception in the Parish Centre:


Mr Walker moonlighting as a barman:


Saturday 24 November 2018

The Presentation of Our Lady - a visual aid

Wednesday was the feast of the Presentation of Our Lady.

The Presentation of the Virgin was painted by Paolo di Giovanni Fei c.1400 in Siena. It rewards serious inspection. The Blessed Virgin is seen as a child standing on the top step just outside the Holy of Holies in the Temple in Jerusalem. There, before the high priest, she consecrates herself, her perpetual virginity, to Almighty God. To the left of the painting we see her parents, Ss Ann and Joachim, to the right Simeon and S. Joseph. Joachim and Joseph are dressed identically, except the clothes of the virginal Joseph are shown in a slightly paler shade. Younger than Joachim, Joseph is still seen as an older man. Joachim extends his arm towards Joseph as if to pass over the care of his daughter to her would-be husband. Meanwhile, Simeon speaks to Joseph and explains to him the role of perfect guardianship that he is to undertake, in the fulness of time, towards this consecrated virgin child.


Being present at this sacred moment explains how S. Joseph, a just man, does not at any point doubt Mary’s fidelity to her vow even when he hears that she is with child by the Holy Spirit (Mt 1:18). He seeks to separate himself from her because the immensity of the task before him is, he considers, beyond him. He believes himself to be unworthy. The archangel Gabriel, in a dream, persuades him otherwise (Mt 1:20-23).


Simeon, who visited the Temple so often, and clearly lived nearby, was inspired by the Holy Spirit to go into the Temple on the day that Mary and Joseph presented their child to God forty days after His birth (Lk 2:27). Whilst the Holy Spirit did indeed inspire him to recognize the significance of this child’s birth, nevertheless he recognized Mary and Joseph because he already knew them, and knew also that Mary had taken a vow of virginity to which she would always be faithful. This knowledge, accompanied by the grace of the Holy Spirit, enabled him to see the child as ‘the Christ of the Lord,’ (Lk 2:26), and to sing his hymn, theNunc Dmittis (Lk 2:29-32).