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Friday 12 October 2018

Forty Hours 2018


Our Forty Hours' Devotion began this evening with a Solemn Mass of Exposition. At 11pm the Dominicans will sing Compline, and then there will be an all-night vigil for the especially hardy. IMG_5985

On Saturday (13th) there will be a Musical Oratory of hymns and readings, "Praise O Zion thy Salvation" at 5pm, followed by the Mass for Peace at 6.30pm.IMG_5983

On Sunday evening there will be Solemn Vespers, Procession and Benediction at 5pm.IMG_5982 IMG_5981

Friday 12 October 2018

Feast of Blessed John Henry

On Tuesday we celebrated the feast of Blessed John Henry Newman, our Cardinal. We were pleased to welcome Fr Pius Collins, o praem, to preach. Fr Pius was an undergraduate at Keble, and used to frequent our church during his time here. You can read his words below:

Feast of JHN - Oxford

Sunday 7 October 2018

Oratorian Pilgrimage to Walsingham

On 15th September 25 parishioners, along with Fr Joseph and Br Benedict, joined the English Oratories’ pilgrimage to Walsingham.

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After a picnic lunch on the grass at the Catholic National Shrine, and a Solemn High Mass in the Chapel of the Reconciliation, all 150 or so pilgrims walked in procession along the ‘Pilgrim Mile’ to the site of the original Holy House in the Abbey grounds. This was a wonderful opportunity to pray for our community at the feet of Our Lady of Walsingham, and to enjoy a little of the peace and tranquility of England’s Nazareth. We hope that many more can join us next year. Keep an eye out for details of the pilgrimage in 2019.C2E80814-BB59-4F1E-B99E-3F258AD92B76


Friday 5 October 2018

The Eleventh General Congress of the Confederation of the Oratory of St Philip Neri

From 27th September until 4th October the eleventh General Congress of the Oratorian Confederation was held in Rome. Our house was represented by Fr Daniel, Fr Richard and Br Adam.

The Delegates spent a great deal of time in prayer together:42716184_2119609401412170_3371122227222151168_n


Discussions and elections were held in the Aula of the Pontifical College Mater Ecclesiae:42761228_2120876111285499_3359786524332785664_n


The Fathers at dinner:


The delegates had the task of electing new officials of the Confederation. Fr Marco Guillen of the Toronto Oratory was elected as the Delegate of the Holy See (Visitor). Fr Michele Nicolis of the Verona Oratory was elected as Procurator General, and Fr Mauro De Gioia of the Genoa Oratory was re-elected as Postulator General. Here, from left to right, are Fathers Nicolis, Guillen and De Gioia:


Here are the members of the new Permanent Deputation:


Here are Br Adam, Fr Visitor, Fr Richard and Fr Daniel:


At the end of the Congresso there was a Solemn Mass, celebrated by Fr Visitor at the Chiesa Nuova, in the presence of three Oratorian bishops: Mons. Edoardo Cerrato, Mons. Mario Aviles and Mons. Robert Byrne.



Many old friendships in the Oratorian world were renewed and some new ones made. The Flammae Cordis Sisters are a new form of life within the Church: Members of the Secular Oratory in Rome, who have become consecrated women.

The Flammae Cordis are inspired by the burning heart of St. Philip to live in imitation of St Philip's Oratorian community life, made up of prayer, community life, work and oratory.   They work in the world - as doctors, teachers, civil engineers, etc - but wear a habit as a visible witness to the Gospel, seeking to be like little flames that flow from the Heart of the Bridegroom to reach others, through friendship and 'Heart speaking to heart".

Here is Fr Daniel with the Flammae Cordis at the Roman Oratory:


Friday 5 October 2018

Italian Pilgrimage


Twenty-five parishioners from Oxford and York went with Frs Daniel and Richard to the shrines of various saints in Italy in September.

In Rome we celebrated Mass near the tomb of St Peter:


We were also able to offer Mass at the tomb of our Holy Father St Philip at the Chiesa Nuova:


This year is the Jubilee Year of St Aloysius - the 450th since his birth, and so one particular goal of our pilgrimage was to venerate him.

The altar where St Aloysius is enshrined in the church of Sant'Ignazio:


Some of us went across the roof of the Roman College to see the rooms in which St Aloysius lived:UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_566UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_54e

A painting showing Aloysius picking up a dying man from the street:


There was also time to enjoy la dolce vita:



In Cascia, we venerated St Rita, the patroness of hopeless cases.




The monks of Norcia, the birthplace of SS Benedict and Scholastica, had their monastery destroyed by the earthquake in 2016, along with all thirteen churches of Norcia. The monks have moved up into the hills above the city, where they have constructed a simple, wooden monastery and sleep in a dormitory. Our coach had some difficulty reaching the remote spot up the hill, and we had to clamber up the last approach - but we got there:


Our pilgrims were deeply moved by the Solemn Mass for St Matthew's Day.

With the Prior of Norcia, Fr Benedict:


Spot the donkey:


In Assisi we prayed at the tombs of St Francis and St Clare.


Here is some of the group in front of the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli:


We were also able to celebrate Mass at Isola del Gran Sasso at the shrine of the Passionist St Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows - patron of our noviciate. This is the second most-visited shrine in Italy.  Here is the altar of the San Gabriele in the old basilica.


The doors of the new basilica:


Finally, we visited the Holy House of Loreto, the place where the Incarnation took place: